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‘Houdini is nothing compared to you’

4 Dec 2017

The quote of a client M.F. whose Appeal was finally granted by Consent Order from the Administrative Court on 1 December 2017.

M.F.’s extradition was originally ordered by the Westminster Magistrates’ Court on 10 November 16, then his initial appeal was refused by the High Court on 24 January 17 and then refused again at an Oral Renewal Hearing 16 February 17.

However, on 3 March 17 George successfully applied to stay the extradition pending the outcome of the Romanian Article 3 appeals (Greku & Ors v Romania). This stay was lifted after the initial hearing in Greku tended to go against us and the Appellants’ extradition was scheduled for 12 April 17. However, on 11 April 17, George applied again for a stay of extradition and this was again granted by the High Court. 

This led to months of legal argument and ultimately, the Respondent Judicial Authority (Romania) conceded defeat on Article 3 grounds and, on 1 December 2017, the High Court sealed a Consent Order quashing the Extradition Order of 10 November 2016 and ordering the Appellant’s discharge.

This led to the client’s genuine quote: ‘Houdini is nothing compared to you’

Magdalena Motyl of Bark&co instructed George Hepburne Scott of Church Court Chambers

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