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Specialist Murder Solicitors - Best Defence Lawyers

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Specialist Murder Solicitors | Best-In- Class Defence Lawyers

Regarded as a top specialist murder defence solicitor, our best-in-class expert lawyers have a proven track-record of successful murder defence.

Whether the defendant is a sole defendant, or one of several defendants in a “joint enterprise” case, our experienced and skilled murder defence legal team here at Bark & Co Solicitors, have the tried-and-tested expertise that has built our winning track record when defending all types of murder charges:

• drug-related murders
• murders within a domestic family setting
• self-defence & house-holder self-defence murders
• murders involving gangs, organised crime and contract killings
• attempted murder charges and manslaughter
• murder appeals against conviction or sentencing

Joint Enterprise and Liability and Cut-Throat Defence Expert Lawyers

Top Murder Defence Lawyers | Private Clients & Legal Aid Specialists

When evaluating the optimum way to organise a murder defence, both strategy and tactics must be most carefully evaluated in conjunction with counsel. You will always find that our top murder defence lawyers will go out of their way to explain the pros and cons of each of the alternative defence pathway options so that our clients properly understands the plan of action.
"The ‘diligent’ team at Bark&co is led by the firm’s founder, Giles Bark-Jones. Bark-Jones secured an acquittal for criminal barrister Andrew Fitch-Holland in a case involving match-fixing in professional cricket. Alison Hill and Fiona Gavriel are also recommended."
“The firm Bark&co’s bespoke service offers clients unrestricted access to their lawyers at all times, which is particularly remarkable given the large amount of fraud work the group handles”
Chambers & Partners
“This ‘Highly efficient firm’ is made up of ‘very straight forward practitioners’ who attract clients in their droves, “thanks to an “innate ability to give spot-on advice”
Chambers & Partners
“Practice head Giles Bark-Jones is ‘without doubt’ one of the sharpest defence lawyers practicing today”

Joint Enterprise Murder Defence & Cut-Throat Defence Experts

If the accused is one of several defendants, sometimes one defendant will try to blame another so that innocence can be established at the expense of another. This is known as a cut-throat defence . Each defendant in such a case will have their own and separate legal representation.

In such scenarios, where there is one or more hostile co-defendants, the greatest danger can actually come from a co-defendant rather than the prosecution! It is therefore crucial that your murder defence solicitor, such as those we proudly have at our Bark & Co Law Firm, have the depth and breadth of experience, knowledge and skill to engage with expertly in these kinds of legal situations.

Top Attempted Murder and Manslaughter Specialist Defence Solicitors

Murder Defence with Digital Evidence | Encrochat & Sky ECC

It should be noted that prosecutors are increasingly trying to present encrypted intercept evidence (like Encrochat & Sky ECC messaging) in criminal cases.

Our knowledgeable murder defence specialist solicitors at Bark & Co know however that the validity of this evidence is complex both legally & technically, and are able therefore to challenge both the law and the digital forensic science itself where possible.

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