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R v Vian – Murder

Bark&co represented Glenn Vian, who over the course of nearly twenty years has repeatedly been accused of the highly publicised murder of a private investigator in 1987.  Mr Vian was eventually charged with this offence in 2008, and held on remand for over two years.  The case against Mr Vian was constructed around a number of “supergrass” witnesses” who the defence were, following painstaking work, able to discredit, one by one, until the case ultimately collapsed.  During the course of the case preparation, the defence were able to demonstrate over fifty other suspects and motives which the police, over the course of no less than five investigations, failed to investigate either properly or, in multiple cases, at all.

At the conclusion of the case, Mr Vian wrote to Bark&co saying

“My name is Glenn Vian. I have recently been acquitted of murder at the C.C.C. I have been very lucky as I was represented by the best team of solicitors you could possibly find Bark&co.

I cannot say enough about this firm, other than look nowhere else. They are the best. Their investigation team were brilliant.  Thanks to Eamon Harris and Fred Bunn.

All of these Lawyers are top drawer. Giles Bark-Jones has no problem obtaining the best QCs because of Bark’s reputation and the team behind them. I was again fortunate to get the best QC’s David Whitehouse QC and Ed Gritt QC, absolutely brilliant men.

Which brings me to my solicitor Alison Hill, her brilliant legal mind and determination to uncover and get the truth goes above and beyond. So a very special thanks to Alison Hill and Eamon Harris for giving me back the rest of my life. God bless you all at Bark&co

Glenn Vian”

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