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Press Statement from Boris Becker

30 May 2022



From Boris Becker:

I wish to make it clear that I accept the verdicts of the jury, I accept the sentence imposed upon me and that is why I have no intention of seeking any form of appeal. I will serve my sentence in accordance with the court’s decisions.


From Bark&Co:

Following his conviction and sentencing Mr Becker would like us to clarify some matters about his trial.

Mr Becker was acquitted of 20 of the 24 charges and the Insolvency Service lost the majority of its case against him. In particular Mr Becker was acquitted of every single charge alleging offences by him before the making of the bankruptcy order on 21 June 2017. It was decided by the jury, followed by the Judge in sentencing, that Mr Becker did nothing wrong or illegal regarding his bankruptcy before the bankruptcy order was made. Mr Becker actively tried to avoid being declared bankrupt and to meet his debts.

Following the bankruptcy order being made on 21st June 2017, Mr Becker’s assets fell within his bankruptcy estate. Payments were made from a company account to his dependents and to meet his business and personal expenses as had been done prior to the bankruptcy order. It is in these circumstances that Mr Becker was convicted of removing of monies between 22 June and 28 September 2017 from his bankruptcy estate (count 4). This was the main conviction against him. Mr Becker accepts that these payments should not have been made after the bankruptcy order without the permission of the trustee in bankruptcy. These payments were primarily to meet Mr Becker’s commitments to his children and other dependents, medical and professional fees, and other expenses.

Mr Becker was also convicted of matters relating to non-disclosure of a property in Leimen, Germany where his mother lives (count 10), a mortgage on that property (count 13), and some shares (count 14). Mr Becker accepts that the trustee in bankruptcy should have been provided with information regarding these assets at an earlier time. Details of this property were provided to the trustee in bankruptcy soon after meeting on 13th September 2017.

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