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Ryan Downes

POCA Specialist

Ryan specialises in all areas of law within the Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA).

Ryan developed extensive experience over many years managing a Confiscation & Restraints department and has worked on a wide range of POCA matters, ranging from breaches of Restraint Orders to multi-million-pound MTIC (Missing Trader Intra-Community) VAT Fraud Cases.

This experience encompassed involvement in confiscation cases pursuant to:

The Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA 2002)

The Drugs Trafficking Act 1994

The Criminal Justice Act 1988

Ryan undertakes work on all POCA matters ranging from discrete small matters to the largest and highest profile cases. His width of experience together with his depth of knowledge enables him to build customised defences instigated against his clients.

Ryan is renowned both for his excellent and personalised client care together with his meticulous defence strategy preparation, where his attention to fine detail empowers both the strategy itself and its staged tactical delivery.

Areas of POCA that he specialises in are:

1) Pre-Order Confiscation matters

2) Section 22 and 23 POCA applications

3) Enforcement and Post Order

4) Variations and Restraint Orders

5) Applications to Discharge Restraint Order pursuant to Section 42 of POCA

6) s.10A matters

7) Cash forfeiture, AFO and Unexplained Wealth Order.

Ryan has also gained extensive experience in the Court of Appeal dealing with criminal appeals against conviction, sentence reduction, and the making of confiscation orders.

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