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Alex Nelson

Senior Consultant

Alex Nelson has a substantial client base not only in the London area but throughout the UK. He has represented clients accused of serious offences which include Large Scale Drugs Conspiracies, Murder, Large Scale Complex Frauds which include both Land Banking and Multi Million Pound Mortgage Fraud all in a career that spans 40 years .

Alex’s strengths include his access to clients whether at the end of a phone in the middle of the night to attending the police station on short notice to be there at the most crucial time in any criminal investigation.

Alex has been involved in a number of high profile cases which have received widespread publicity in the press and media. He represented a number of suspects arrested in connection with the Tonbridge Securitas Cash Deposit Robbery in 2006 when 53 million pound in cash was taken by the culprits dressed as police officers who had kidnapped the Depot Manager in order to gain access. ( R v RM ) 2006

Alex was one of the first lawyers to contest DNA evidence in it’s infancy of forensic science. This was on the basis that the procedures used by the Metropolitan Police Forensic Scientists was unsafe showing that the DNA Database used by the scientists to compare the accused DNA profile inadequately represented the whole population. This was subsequently discussed in Seminars at the John F Kennedy School of Law, Harvard University, Boston, USA. The case received features in both the New Scientist Magazine and The Law Society Gazette. The defence expert engaged was the now eminent Serologist Tom Fedor formally of the Detroit Police Department. ( R v TH ) Central Criminal Court Counsel Mr Robin Simpson QC and Mr Mark Graffius.

Alex has never instructed counsel he has not personally seen in court . Clients find they are dealt with on a down to earth approach, lacking in pomposity. The whole emphasis is on proper preparation coupled with an eye for what will become evidentially crucial in the case. He is said to bring a personal and sympathetic service with a good bedside manner.

Alex was invited to join Bark and Co in February 2016.

1979 – 1982

( R v Terence Clarke aka Alexander Sinclair & Others )

Lancaster Castle Crown Court.

The international press termed “The Mr Asia Trial” or “Handless Corpse Trial”

Also represented co- accused New Zealand Barrister Karen Soich, Errol Hincksman, Fred Russell, Leila Barclay, Jack Barclay. This was a New Zealand Drugs Syndicate importing large amounts of drugs via Singapore to the UK and involved Organised Crime in Los Angeles. Arrests came about following the handless body of Clarke’s business partner being found by amateur divers in a quarry near Chorley, Lancashire.

Events later led to a Royal Commission in Australia and the UK into Clarke’s activities around the Globe involving police corruption and several murders. The case was recently featured in the crime series Under Belly.

Counsel instructed : Robin Simpson QC, Dermot Wright, Robert Harman QC, John Nutting, John Alliot QC, Stephen Batten, Michael Hill QC, David Whitehouse, Eric Somerset-Jones QC, Ian Trigger.

2006 Tonbridge Securitas Cash Deposit Robbery

( R v RM ) Central Criminal Court

Counsel instructed : Mr Michael Borelli QC, Mr Mark Graffius.

1990 ( R v TH ) Central Criminal Court

Securicor van robbery in which DNA contested led to acquittal.

Counsel instructed : Mr Robin Simpson QC leading Mr James Lewis, Mr Mark Graffius.

1983 A1 Murder

Alex Nelson represented husband Tony Weston who’s wife Janice Weston had been found murdered and her body dumped in a ditch on the Northbound A1 in Cambridgeshire.

Janice Weston had been a partner in the eminent law firm Herbert Oppenheimer, Nathan and Vandyke. The husband Tony Weston a property developer was arrested and interviewed at length at Huntingdon police station in December 1983. This was a pre PACE case in the days when custody officers did not exist and led to Alex Nelson and Dermot Wright of counsel making a Habeus Corpus application to the High Court in London to obtain his release. He was eventually cleared of any wrongdoing following the case file and evidence being reviewed by the DPP who concluded there was insufficient evidence to raise a charge. The case remains unsolved and has featured in many books.

2014 Operation Yewtree

Alex represented entertainer and Capital Gold DJ accused of historic rape along with another entertainer and comedian. Both arrested under the 3rd limb known as ‘others’ following on from the Savile investigations. Following the making of lengthy written representations to the then Chief Crown Prosecutor Alison Saunders it was decided there was insufficient evidence to raise charges.

1980 R v RW ( Ex Great Train Robber 1963 Glasgow to London Mail Train Robber )

Charged with handling stolen diamonds upon the evidence of a Super Grass from Liverpool.

Central Criminal Court : Found not guilty.

Counsel instructed : Legendary Mr Jeremy Hutchinson QC leading Mr John Nutting.

( R v JB )

Alex represented a defendant in one of the many Michael Michaels Supergrass Trials held at Woolwich Crown Court.

Counsel : Mr Mark Graffius, Miss Kate Blackburn.

( R v MC )

Largest international tobacco smuggling operation in the UK linked to organised crime syndicate in Italy.

In excess of £100 million value.

Counsel : Miss Sonia Woodley QC leading Mr Mark Graffius.

( R v GM, GR, JT, MO)

Operation Albatross

Conspiracy to steal clothing from leading fashion houses and designers.

( R v LF )

Represented well known Brighton Antiques dealer charged with historic 16 old double murder and arson that occurred in The Lanes, Brighton in 1974.

Nationwide publicity at time as murders took place and the suspect went missing in the same week as Lord Lucan for the alleged murder of the family nanny Sandra Rivett.

Trial Counsel : Mr Robin Simpson QC, Mr James Lewis, Mr Mark Graffius.

( R v SC )

Conspiracy to import 6 tons of Mexican cannabis in furniture.

Counsel: Mr Mark Graffius

( R v BM )

Conspiracy to supply vast quantity of cocaine linked to Pablo Escobar Columbian drugs Cartel.

( R v LV and another )

Conspiracy to Supply Class A drugs and perverting course of justice involving corrupt officers in the Regional Crime Squad later the subject of a BBC documentary on Panarama.

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